So I stepped out from in front of my plain white wall yesterday, and decided to shoot this week’s video on the road.

It’s about ESCAPE VELOCITY — the speed at which a rocket needs to move in order to leave the Earth’s atmosphere. Before this can happen, though, the rocket needs enough thrust to counteract gravity and punch through the bubble of the atmosphere.

The reason this was on my mind is because it’s my reality right now as an entrepreneur. I’ve got the GRAVITY of fear and self-doubt and practicality trying to *pull* me back down to Earth, and the ATMOSPHERE (obstacles like trying to find more clients and build revenue) trying to *push* me down whenever I get close. So I’m constantly trying to generate more THRUST by creating content, engaging with others, networking on- and offline, and adding value wherever I can.

The ultimate goal, of course, is to generate enough thrust to reach outer space and be able to move more freely in zero gravity. To make decisions based on interest rather than need.

Watch the video to learn more.

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