Story Process

How Does My Story Process Work?



Before we can tell others the story of your business, we need to gather all the pieces of it.

This happens through a process of phone or video calls, emails, and online research designed to answer key questions like …

Who and what is your business?

When, where, why, and how did it first come to life?

Who does it serve, what does it offer, and how is it special?

What is your market, and who are the other players in it?

What motivates your business? What does it stand for?



We then explore how these pieces fit together into a shape that best serves your business goals. 

The end result of this collaborative process is a strategy document that answers mission critical questions like …

What are the challenges you address for customers?

What are the opportunities you create for them?

What is the unique promise only you can make to them?

Why do you care about their success?

And why should they care about yours?


Using this plan as a road map enables us to breathe new life into your small business story.

The specific vehicle used to tell your story will vary depending on what it takes to inspire action from the future customers you’re trying to reach to grow your business.

Some possibilities include …

Professionally crafted text for websites and “About” pages

Fine tuning of or a complete reimagining of your website

Online articles, blog posts, and social media profiles

Scripts for multimedia projects, audio or video

Larger and long-term projects, like a book or an article series

Ghostwriting and co-authoring options available