What's the story you're telling your future customers?

Let me tell you a secret. One that might suck to hear.
Within five seconds on your website, people have already decided whether to continue reading ... or to move on.
The good thing is, you can use this to your advantage.
If you understand your story, and if you understand your future customer's story, then it's possible to connect with them in five seconds. To keep them around for thirty seconds more. Then three minutes more. And then however long it takes for them to understand that you both want the same thing.
The key is effective and carefully written messaging about your brand. Not only about what you do and how you do it well, but WHY you do it. Why you love to do it. And how your why connects to their why.
I can help you with that.

VIDEO: Who Are You?

What are the things about you that make you … you? Businesses choose all kinds of things they think prospective customers want to hear about them to put on their websites. Names and bios and locations and features and services. But none of these quite get to the bottom of WHO a company is. What they stand for (or against). How they do business.

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VIDEO: Trust the Professionals

If your car starts making funny noises, odds are you’re going to take it to a mechanic. Likewise, if you’re a serious business, it’s important to not only trust professionals to do what they do best, but also choose the right professional for the job.

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Always Call the Impossible Shot

None of us can predict from which direction and whose mouths the pivotal words of wisdom will come that eventually form the pylons of our philosophy of life. In fact, too often, we don’t even recognize these words for what they are when they come our way.

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