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  • "The Only Web Developer I Will Ever Use"

    “Randy understands the needs of entrepreneurs. Since he takes the time to see how web development fits within the bigger picture of my business development, he always works efficiently – without wasting a penny of my limited funds.

    “Although he specialises in Wordpress, during our recent migration from Squarespace to Wild Apricot, Randy learned both of those platforms quickly and willingly. Within weeks he had become an expert, impressing the Wild Apricot team with the beautiful site he made for us.

    “Choosing a developer is terrifying for an entrepreneur who can’t afford an expensive mistake. That’s why Randy Heller is the only web developer I will ever use.”

    "The Only Web Developer I Will Ever Use"
    Julia Silver
    Founder of Qualified Tutor
  • "Smart, Enthusiastic and Dedicated"

    “Randy worked on a complete overhaul of my old website to give it a major update. Not only did he truly listen to my vision for the concepts I had in mind, but he elevated them into a sleek, impeccable final product. Randy’s attention to detail, technical expertise, and creativity was exceptional. He gave my website a professional glow with a fresh marketing edge.

    “He was an absolute delight to work with throughout the entire process and has been ultra-dependable and responsive to any questions that I have had since. He is modest, smart, enthusiastic and dedicated. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to take their business to the next level.”

    "Smart, Enthusiastic and Dedicated"
    Nomi Prins
    Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, Best Selling Author & Journalist
  • "Finely-Tuned Storytelling Abilities"

    “I worked with Randy to help me uncover what he instinctively knew was true — some of my message was buried under language that wasn’t getting to the heart of what I do. His willingness to dig deep and listen, apply his creative processes and share insights were very helpful to me in defining the potential of having positive, strategic conversations.

    “I appreciate his finely-tuned story-telling abilities to distill the message to something that would resonate with business leaders in diverse functional roles. The added bonus? I thoroughly enjoyed working with Randy!”

    "Finely-Tuned Storytelling Abilities"
    Kelly Stewart
    Founder of The Positive Business
  • "Cannot Recommend Him Highly Enough"

    “Getting to work with Randy on building and revamping a website for one of my clients was fantastic. I was a novice with the more technical web items and Randy was able to break it all down in very clear terms that made things easy and accessible. He took the time to have multiple calls to cover all my questions. Randy offered new marketing ideas and was innovative with addressing our specific needs. I cannot recommend him highly enough – you would be very lucky to work with him.”

    "Cannot Recommend Him Highly Enough"
    Craig Wilson
    Editorial Professional
  • "Truly a Rare Find"

    “Randy has been the best freelancer I have ever worked with on [Upwork]. His attention to detail and ability to digest virtually any subject matter puts him on another level entirely. If your looking for a tier 1 professional, please look no further. I will be hiring Randy in the future for all my personal and client work. He is truly a rare find in a sea of average joes.”

    "Truly a Rare Find"
    Ricardo Mong
    CEO of The Archangel Group
  • "A Gifted Storyteller & Writer"

    “I first met Randy while participating in a Seth Godin marketing seminar. None of us could get over his natural ability to tell stories. I was so impressed with the uniqueness and quality of his work that I immediately invited him to create content for my own website. He’s a gifted storyteller and writer I can recommend with confidence to any business wanting to create marketing messages that don’t sound like marketing messages.”

    "A Gifted Storyteller & Writer"
    Mike Sagman
    Founder of The Dog Food Advisor
  • "An Amazing Talent"

    “Randy blew me away with his ability to harness the story of my business and use it to help the business shine! He intuitively crafted the right message and feeling to represent me and what I do for clients. I had not realized how much of a difference it could make to have the right message conveyed in the right tone until I saw the results of what he could do! Randy is a genuine, honest guy, who was a pleasure to work with. He has an amazing talent and I am glad I found him!”

    "An Amazing Talent"
    April Hall
    Owner of Data Points Consulting
  • "Gifted Storyteller"

    “Gifted Storyteller is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Randy. I was impressed with [his] ability to really hone in on what our company does and how to create a story about what we do and how we do it that can make us stand out in our very competitive industry. He’s extremely focused, organized and does what he says he will do when he says he will do it. The quality of his writing and content are top notch.”

    "Gifted Storyteller"
    Janice Rodriguez
    CEO of Adelante Live Inc.
  • "Great Great Quality Content"

    “Working with Randy was fantastic! He took his time during our phone consultation to understand exactly what I needed to convey in my article. He delivered great great quality content in the timely matter. I look forward to working with him again.”

    "Great Great Quality Content"
    Oksana Palí
    Oksana Palí Photography
  • "Randy is a Magician"

    “Randy is a magician when it comes to writing. Especially with storytelling! I have met and worked with many writers and I can tell you that Randy is one of my TOP 3 favorites and this is why: he understands perfectly the brand’s vision and purpose, and transforms it [into] professional content for your target. He’s meticulous and a perfectionist with his work. Something I really appreciate in a professional.”

    "Randy is a Magician"
    Iustina Faraon
    Co-Founder & CEO of Coreto