About Me

I can help you tell your story.

And I don’t mean just the one about how and when you started your business and what it is you do to make people’s lives easier in some way.

Those things, yes, of course. But also why you do it. Where it came from. And how you do it in a way that makes you stand out from the crowd. And why that matters to you. Because I know it does.

As I see it, stories are about exploring the connection between your why and somebody else’s why and building a bridge between the two.

This is what I love to do.

No amount of technology, slick design, or algorithms can touch the ability of a good story to move your future customers. To share the promise of your brand with them. To convey critical information that makes their hard decisions so much easier.

Besides a Masters degree in Writing, I’ve also got 25 years worth of web development and digital marketing under my belt, and spent most of that time in the corporate sector.

What I offer is more than copywriting.

That, yes, of course. But I also want to embrace the finer points of your marketing goals. To clarify the story of your business from the ground up. To challenge the assumptions of your current brand strategy and build that crucial bridge between you and your customers.

So … what’s the story you’re trying to tell?

I’d be honored if you let me help you tell it.

Or connect with me on LinkedIn.

And when you’re ready, let’s have a conversation.

For samples of my content, be sure sure to read my articles here, on LinkedIn, or at Medium.com.

Below is what some clients and co-workers have to say …

A Gifted Storyteller & Writer

I first met Randy while participating in a Seth Godin marketing seminar. As each of our fellow students began to complete our writing assignments, none of us could get over his natural ability to tell stories. And not just your typical sales story… but real life tales that captured the essence of the marketing topic we had each been assigned. I was so impressed with the uniqueness and quality of his work that I immediately invited Randy to create content for my own website. He’s a gifted storyteller and writer I can recommend with confidence to any business wanting to create marketing messages that don’t sound like marketing messages.

Mike Sagman
Founder of The Dog Food Advisor

An Amazing Talent

Randy blew me away with his ability to harness the story of my business and use it to help the business shine! He intuitively crafted the right message and feeling to represent me and what I do for clients. I had not realized how much of a difference it could make to have the right message conveyed in the right tone until I saw the results of what he could do! I would strongly encourage anyone who does business to contact Randy and see firsthand how much of an impact he can make. Randy is a genuine, honest guy, who was a pleasure to work with. He has an amazing talent and I am glad I found him!

April Hall
Owner of Data Points Consulting

Gifted Storyteller

Gifted Storyteller is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Randy. I had the pleasure of being referred to Randy via LinkedIn based on some amazing work he did for an industry colleague. I am so thrilled that I made the choice to work with Randy when we were rebranding and redesigning the Adelante Live Inc. website. I was impressed with Randy’s ability to really hone in on what our company does and how to create a story about what we do and how we do it that can make us stand out in our very competitive industry. He’s extremely focused, organized and does what he says he will do when he says he will do it which as a busy CEO, is very important to me. The quality of his writing and content are top notch and I’m excited to continue our working relationship as we develop messaging and content for our ongoing marketing and branding needs. Randy would be a true asset to any organization who needs high quality writing, messaging strategy and content creation and I highly recommend him to work for any business in any industry. Good writing is good writing and Randy’s your guy!

Janice Rodriguez
CEO of Adelante Live Inc.

Randy is a Magician

Randy is a magician when it comes to writing. Especially with storytelling! I had the pleasure of working with Randy on different types of content for Coreto.io. He quickly understood our vision, did an extraordinary research and always delivered on time. I have met and worked with many writers and I can tell you that Randy is one of my TOP 3 favorites and this is why: he understands perfectly the brand’s vision and purpose, and transforms it in a professional content for your target. He’s meticulous and a perfectionist with his work. Something I really appreciate in a professional. Randy earned my highest recommendation.

Iustina Faraon
Co-Founder & CEO of Coreto

Truly a Rare Find

I have been working on Upwork for a handful of years now and it is safe to say that Randy has been the best freelancer I have ever worked with on this platform. His attention to detail and ability to digest virtually any subject matter puts him on another level entirely. If your looking for a tier 1 professional, please look no further. I will be hiring Randy in the future for all my personal and client work. He is truly a rare find in a sea of average joes.

Ricardo Mong
CEO of The Archangel Group

Great Great Quality Content

Working with Randy was fantastic! He took his time during our phone consultation to understand exactly what I needed to convey in my article. He delivered great great quality content in the timely matter. I look forward to working with him again.

Oksana Palí
Oksana Palí Photography

Creative, Detail Oriented

I worked with Randy for five years while at R R Bowker. In his position Randy supported my product line from a marketing perspective, ranging from website design, writing copy and creating customer newsletters. Randy was creative, detail oriented and always delivered on time. Randy also had a knack for translating product benefits and clearly communicating them to our customers.

John Krafty
Senior Director, Identity & Analytics Services

I Could Count on Randy

Randy served as the marketing resource for the Library market while we both worked at Bowker. He created high quality marketing materials and always provided personalized and professional support for my marketing needs. I could count on Randy to easily grasp the nuances of our various products, to understand the relevance of them to our customers and to communicate that in a very clear and savvy way.

Melissa Kuzma
Assistant Director, East Brunswick Public Library

Experienced and Savvy Marketer

Randy is an experienced and savvy marketer who can wear many hats and is true team player. While reporting to me at Bowker in our Corporate Marketing department, Randy had to constantly toggle as a webmaster, a graphics designer, a copywriter, a project manager, an e-mail blaster, a corporate communications specialist and PR guy. Randy did a fantastic job supporting many stakeholders throughout the organization, and played a key role in ensuring that our campaigns, branding, marketing and communications efforts were dynamic, effective and measurable. There is rarely a day that goes by when I say…”I wish Randy were still here…he could have helped tackled this”…Randy would be an asset to any organization on so many levels.

Andy Weissberg
Innovative marketer, experienced and creative business builder

Transformed Our Marketing Activities

I worked with Randy for over five years, during that time he transformed both our online and traditional marketing activities to mirror our sales objectives and has worked closely with customers and sales to ensure we maximize our ROI on marketing spend. Randy is a consummate professional and always willing to help the company achieve their goals. I would recommend Randy to any organization that is seeking a strong marketer.

Michael Ornstein
VP & General Manager, Americas at IET

Reliable to a Fault

While Randy’s title was Senior Web Developer, I found that what he actually brought to the magazines extended far beyond that title. When I first came on board as Marketing Director, he’d been managing the email deployments for several years, and even after I took on this role myself, he continued to provide critical ongoing consultation. When the company was between webinar managers, he took the lead and filled the gap. All while keeping the sites running and building microsites and landing pages. In short, Randy is a true team player, reliable to a fault, who invariably gives more than he takes. His broad range of skills and knowledge, from web development to copy writing to list building, as well as his commitment to Big Picture priorities and meeting deadlines, keeps him busy and makes him an invaluable resource. More than just a resource, though, he’s a nice guy to work with.

Roger Jarman
Marketing Director, Media Source Inc.

A Transformational Leader

During Randy’s 5+ years at Library Journals, LLC, he established himself among the senior leadership of the company and developed a reputation for being an all-around team player. In my short tenure as GM/Group Publisher, Randy proved those qualities over and over again. He was a transformational leader of our digital properties as well as digital marketing capabilities — driven by challenge, undeterred by obstacles, and committed to improving company-wide performance. His expertise encompasses all aspects of digital transformation, from platform/product development, agile development methodologies, and UX design to influencing positive change through team building and staff development.

David Greenough
General Manager, Group Publisher, Media Source Inc.

A Pleasure to Work With

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Randy over a number of years and on a variety of projects. Randy is the ultimate professional and a pleasure to work with. He is extremely detail oriented, focused and efficient. He doesn’t miss deadlines even if it means working way beyond the call of duty and he makes sure that every project is completed to exceed the customers’ (internal or external) expectations.

Beat Barblan
Senior Director, Publishing & Data Services at ProQuest/Bowker

A Rare Combination

Anticipates problems before you do and solves them before you can hit send! Super organized! Randy, also possesses a rare combination of interpersonal and technical web design skills that make working with him a joy, especially for those who know what they want out of a site but not exactly how to get there. Communication is clear the whole way!

Sara Scully
Owner, Scullyone Productions

The Consummate Professional

Randy is the consummate professional: always positive, particularly under pressure, knows how to execute specific tasks, anticipates needs outside project scope and delivers solutions. Because of Randy, specific goals (such as education webinars) were able to get developed and executed upon to plan.

Ian Singer
GM, Credo Reference - Infobase Holdings at Credo Reference